Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:01 pm


Fibromyaglia is something both my mother and brother have, as well as my step dad. Growing up I had a few pains, and lately over the past few years they have got a bit worse along with other symptoms. I also have been smoking cannabis for many years, and when I do, I find it does help so I can relax, when I find the proper type of strain, but usually any kind does the job. I had read up about it, and even saw that cannabis was recommended, so soon I was going to go and get tested, see what they can do, and then see if I can get my green card. I already had a blood test with nothing wrong, and fibromyaglia doesn't affect that. It's almost hard to diagnose in some cases, and most doctors don't want to deal with it. We had finally got a doctor but according to my mother he didn't seem too knowledgeable  about it and in that case may not want to help me. However, I am still going to try and see what I can do and show him what I know after some tests.  



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