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If you have questions about the MISS HIGH TIMES Contest, please read through these frequently asked questions before you email us. If your question is not addressed here, you may email us at

How do I enter the contest?
Create a profile, answer the questions, and post your best pot-related photos. Be sure to read the rules carefully before entering. Once you've made a profile, you are eligible to be chosen as a finalist.

What is a "finalist?"
The girls pictured in the magazine each month (Miss May, etc.) are the finalists. The winner is chosen from among that year's finalists.

How are finalists chosen?
The High Times staff chooses the finalists based on popularity, quality of photos, and personal info.

Does the online viewer rating affect who is chosen as a finalist?
The exact numerical score is not a factor. However, in order to be considered as a possible finalist, a contestant must make it into the top 30 at some point.

What do I win if I'm chosen as a finalist?
You will have your photo printed in the magazine as our ganja girl of the month, win 2 free passes to the Cannabis Cup of your choice and become eligible to win a free trip to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

When and how will contestants find out if they're chosen as finalists?
They will be notified via email that they are being considered as a possible finalist. They are then required to asnwer a brief questionairre and resubmit their photos in high resolution for print. If chosen, they will appear in the magazine.

If I'm chosen as a finalist but don't win, can I be chosen as a finalist again?
No. In order to be fair and give as many contestants as possible a chance, you may only be featured in the magazine once.

When does the contest begin / end each year?

The contest ends / begins in April of each year. However, since we produce the magazine 4 months in advance, we are actually working on our September issue during the month of April so that's the issue where we announce the winner and restart the contest for the next year.


When is the deadline for sumitting your entry?
There is no deadline — all profiles submitted will remain in the contestant pool until you (or we) choose to remove them. Those who are not chosen for 2012 will automatically be eligible for 2013, etc.


I had a high score but now I'm down to zero ... what happened?

At the start of each month, we reset everyone's score to zero so that the contest doesn't unfairly favor those contestants who have been on the site the longest over newcomers.



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