The Dollar Store surprise!

Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:36 pm



This ^^^ Is the Shotgun.

One of my good friends works at the dollar store and while at work he was putting up a new display of pool toys. One of these toys were water squirters that you hold underwater, pull back a handle, then aim at something or someone and push the handle back in. Quite simple, but a lot of water fun. An idea struck my pal, he had a plan to turn this toy into a tool. The end of the toy where the water shoots out, that is transformed into the carb as well as the mouthpiece. The pulling back of the hand is acting as you taking a rip. We cut a hole at the end of the toy by the carb to make the bowl piece out of aluminum and tape. A teamwork piece, but a mighty hit. One person must light the bud, then one must pull back the handle while another holds the carb, or  the person lighting may do so as well. Watching the neon color plastic dollar treat fill up with smoke I'd say is the best part besides the high you recieve from it. The name Shotgun was appointed to it becuase it feels like you have just recieved multiple blunt shotguns straight to the noggin. A summer blast!

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