::NorCal Trip:: 4 wheelin thru the mountains PART 2

Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:28 pm


Ok heres part 2 Enjoy :)

like i said photobucket thru my pics way outta order

heres some goats i was feedin behind Baylus' house lol they wanted my purse


Baylus (sun fucked my camera up lol)

Goin to the trails


Heading up the mountain :)


My Spaded Man

THE SUN WAS KILLER!  dont judge haha


James headin up the trail as we follow, he had it made!

My sexy man ;)

Joint break lol




Baylus cleanin up the jump lol



lots of rocks lol


right after this shot James fell lol but was fine

James is killin the path, while we creep up it haha


Driving through the creek

the creek

Finally we made it.. Shasta Dam


The Guard said it was a rare occassion for only one gate things to be open


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