Am I smoking weed or skunk? Beware virgin lungs.

Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:25 pm


Been smoking regularly for over a year now. Just the other week one of my friends came round to my house and he tried my stuff.

He only took like 4 drags of my stuff and he was lights out. Scary lights out, the guy just TKO'd himself. I had more tokes than him then went out on the town with my other mate Dan- part time student full time stoner and we got right on the lash ( had about 7 pints of lagger  and 4 joints). I was away with it but in no danger to myself or falling over, what the hell happend to my friend who TKO'd? He said the weed he'd had before was nothing like this stuff.

Just saying now when I give some one my weed I don't give them the amount I take as they tend to fall over and not move for quite some time. Be carefull with your friends virign lungs!



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