Smoke the ganj and be happy

Wed May 12, 2010 1:12 pm


Life is not a school with lessons that need to be learned so that we can eventually graduate to a higher level of existence. There is nowhere to go, no heaven to get in to, for everything is here and now.

Heaven is this moment. It’s not something to gain access to, but realize that it’s already here. And you are it. You are the infinite. You are nirvana. You are joy. You are God. You are Love.

There seems to no longer be a sense of separateness or oneness. There is no thing that could be separate or one. It is all just "That". No labeling, no comparison, no judgment, no nothing. Just pure existence itself. Oneness and Separateness are not two. They’re not even one. They are both That. Enlightenment is Unenlightenment. Separateness and Oneness coexist simultaneously as really the same thing, yet totally not. Heaven is Hell. Heaven is not Hell. All is valid for All Is "That". That Is All. All That Is is "That". You are That. I am That. This moment is That. You want the Truth? This is it. This exact moment. This is That. Since God is omnipresent, what people call God is simply another word for All That Is. All That Is is That. It Is All That. How can you not see the Truth when it is all That? It’s as clear as seeing what’s right in front of you, without labeling it as this as opposed to that.

The point of life is life. The “destination” is the journey.


This is it.

Here and Now!

So smoke the ganj and be happy.

Welcome to earth :]

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