its too close for comfort

Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:36 pm


Early morning glass-blunt pack of dumpster. taking two hits, then laying in bed with that one person. getting so high and just wrestling around in bed laughing so hard that you may be growing abs.. and after a few hours when we finally decide to start the day, pulling those blankets off, getting up in a cold, dark room, opening the bedroom door to the sun shining through the window. the amazing smell of a cool spring breeze, burning incense covering up the dank and old house,,, Listening to music as loud as possible, and to cars going by on the road that is just outside. That look that he gave me, the one that made me so sure he was different. The way he held me like he didn't want to let go. His continuous attempts to make me happy. When all we needed was eachother. It was just me and you.
That is what I miss.
Good bye to you..

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