Pot Head Survey

Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:24 pm


What age did you start smoking? 13

How long have you been smoking marijuana? 7 almost 8 years

Finish this sentence..Marijuana has helped me: with my anger issues, and self control. It also helps me relax and not stress so much, and as an insomniac it is the only thing to date that gives me a good nights sleep. its given me and helped me make some GREAT memorys, and helped with so much more.

What is your favorite smoking device? Bong, Hookah, Water Pipe

If you could smoke with anyone who would it be? Tommy Chong.

What is your favorite music to listen to stoned? All.

What is your favorite glass maker? Dont currently have one

Joint or Blunt? Blunt, but I loves Doobies too.

What is your favorite strain? Really not sure. Havent tasted enough ; )

Will you ever quit smoking? NOT

Are you a medical marijuana patient? Yes.

Do you grow maryjane? No.

Indica or Sativa? Sativa.

Glass, Metal or Acrylic? Glass or Acrylic.

Whats your favorite headshop? Rock Fantasy in Middletown NY, I've never been to a Chiller shop. Whenever I go visit out there I go and it always feels like home.

Who is your best stoner friend? Shelby , the Bill to my Ted.

Does your parents know you smoke? They may have their suspicians, but I dont think they know.

Favorite thing to do when stoned? Anything but go to work.

Do you smoke everyday? Hell Yes

Is dank all you smoke on? I'll smoke almost anything. I usually smoke Regs or Dro during the week while I work, and switch to the good stuff for weekends, or vacations.

Favorite place to smoke? so long as its not to public, anywhere.

Bong hits or Vape it? Bong, but to be fair, I havent tried a Vape yet.

Whats your best 420 moment? Going to work buzzed, trying not to feel way paranoid, and the first ticket I pulled was 13420 <3


Do you belive the sweet leaf will be legal?  yup, Eventually.

How many times do you smoke a day? Depends.

2oz of MIDS or 1/2 of GREEN CRACK? Hm, not sure.

How often do you clean you bong?(if applicable) not as much as i should.

Favorite cleaning product for smoking devices? I usually just use water.

Eat it or smoke it? Either ; )

Have you ever been arrested/trouble for weed? Nope.

When you hear the word GANJA what do you think? Light it Up

Does your state support medical marijuana? Yes

Half baked or Grandmas boy?  Love Grandma's Boy, Idk though...

Whats your favorite Cheech and Chong movie? Couldnt pick!

Cheech or Chong? Chong

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