Email From our friend Sanjeev Bery at ASA..THE RAIDS CONTINUE.

Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:52 pm

Below I have attatched an email from our dear friend at ASA who has brought us once again...bad news.Please be sure to lend me your thoughts , opinions and question on this. I will be writting blogs in the future , as I find no time to inbetween my life at the moment.




On Wednesday, officers representing seven different law enforcement agencies conducted raids in Los Angeles on two medical marijuana dispensaries and the owner’s home.

Dozens of officers representing the DEA, FBI, IRS, LA County Sheriff, and three city police departments executed the paramilitary style raids, which included helicopter air support. According to the Los Angeles Times, they even shot the dog.

While nothing yet is confirmed, ASA has learned that the raids may have been conducted over allegations of tax evasion and failure to pay workers’ compensation. This does not seem to justify the presence of seven different law enforcement agencies.

Despite California law and recent court decisions, are medical marijuana facilities still being singled out? Heavy-handed tactics like these seem to contradict the President’s stated intentions of creating a new federal policy on medical marijuana.

It is time for a sensible national policy on medical marijuana.

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- Sanjeev, ASA

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