Miss High Times 2010 ...annd the award goes TOOO.. let me know what YOU think...

Fri May 08, 2009 11:51 am


 I have flipped through EVERY contestants page on this site & have read ALL the girls profiles & blogs and there is some GREAT competition !! I feel pretty confident that no matter who is chosen, they will rep the rest of us properly & fight for all the things we believe in & want changed ! Of course "miss high times" isn't going to be expected to change the laws on pot or anything like that... BUT ITS A NEW ERA EVERYONE... AMERICA IS CHANGING... THE WORLD IS CHANGING... its finally the perfect time to SPEAK OUT, VOICE OUR OPINIONS... the government is not ABOVE taking suggestions... we are HUMAN BEINGS... we are NOT RULED by OTHER HUMAN BEINGS just because they have the title of "president" or "DEA agent" or WHATEVER... i am TIRED of our gov't using SCARE TACTICS with the people of this country ....WE HAVE A RIGHT TO PROTEST ANYTHING WE DISAGREE ABOUT.... and I believe for all of us, for the simple fact that pot is GROWN FROM THE EARTH (making it a natural resource) , that we are ready for a change on our pot laws.. that we are ready to smoke in PEACE & not have to watch our backs, be paranoid & worry that someone is always out to get us... smoking is a peaceful positive thing.... and the media& gov't have turned the american public into thinking its a bad, harmful drug... and since americans believe EVERYTHING they see/hear on tv.. they believe this to be true. So now its time for OUR OPINION and OUR SCIENTIFIC FACTS to start being on the news and the radio and in the publics ear .... I would LOVE to play a part in doing this and helping to educate people. I would LOVE to take this ALL THE WAY. with YOUR help.. i CAN and WILL do this.. 



please comment & let me know YOUR biggest issues & concerns when it comes to pot, the gov't, laws in ur state, etc.. ..




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