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Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:30 pm


Hey, whats up high times, if you dont know already my names Samantha, the one n only :)  I've been hoping to get chosen as a finalist for the 2010 MHT, and with 4:20 coming up, i know there's little to no time for girls new to the miss high times competition to get out there and be noticed, so i figured I'd start blogging my daily stoner activities to let all you high times users get to know me on a real level, and hopefully bettering my overall chances :) I've Never written a blog before so in not really sure how these work so be gentle with me cause im just gonna wing it :) 

Well so far today, I've had this obsession for putting ice in my bong n my gb  cause I'm just getting over a cold and my throats a little sore and the cold feels Way better on my throat vs. no ice. Geebs are my favorite thing to smoke with I guess cause its the first thing i ever smoked out of and they always get me hella high :) I usually load myself 3 or 4 after school geebs to take the edge off and relax. Usually my roomate who also happens to be my sister is usually at work when i get home, so i usually just am smokin solo, but today my homeboy Rudy who happens to be my sisters ex,....whose been M.IA for awhile showed up an took some gb's with me for old times sake. He's been sober since he just got a good job and had a kid, so it was a pleasant suprise to reminise together today. Rudys been around since the beginning, one of my first smokin buddy's when i started back in middle school so its always a good time when we get together. and smoke down :) Plus he always brings over the bomb bomb from his bro Richard so thats a plus.  Speaking of gbs i think im gonna load me some now, ive been typing for to long, frankly im done trippin on weather or not this blog is worth posting, i think i need to smoke a bowl. lol Get back with more later guys. DONT be a square come join the circle ! 

                                 xoxoxo SAMMI xoxoxo



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