HT dank brownies

Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:20 pm


Hello!  I used the HT recipes to do brownies.  OMG  I was twisted!  But my home chick was 20 times twisted!  Thanks HT for you awesome cooking page!  It calls for an oz of the goods.  So my sidekick is on a mission.  Cleaned out the dank, gridded till it was to her approval when I asked,"Is that all the rest of the white widow?" I get a yes.  I am tripping because I need like half, but her last words are "i don;t want them to be weak!"  I am thinking OK whatever it's her project.

She was  beyond twisted and I took the other half of a brownie out of her hand and said trust me you had enough!.  Moreover, don't do it on a work week, unless u r pro!  The brownies were the bomb!  y'all need to try that!  The longer you wait to eat them the less u get high.....So happy baking!


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