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age: 25

location: CALI GROWN and living in Modesto

country: Un

occupation: Mother/Activist/Cannabis, Promotional

♥Repin that 710 Movement♥

I love everything about Cannabis: Smoking it, growing it, trimming it, making wax, budda, selling it, reading about it... pretty much anything cannabis related intrigues me! I am Cali grown, and my roots won’t ever be leaving this soil, I LOVE this State! I am very grateful for Prop 215, & have been a patient since 2006! Cannabis HELPS people who suffer from medical conditions, and even those who dont have any!

I sometimes get what i like to call BITCHINESS hahaha! I interact with a ton of people daily and at times i get people that lack common sense and it can get very annoying and frustrating (and being as i dont have much patience to begin with lol) smoking helps make me able to still educate and interact with people without getting frustrated :)

My aunt had been fighting breast cancer since 2010, and had moved from chemo to radiation and it was slowing eating her away. I’ve noticed a lot of side effects from the medication they have been giving her to help with the arthritis and pain she feels throughout her whole body after treatment! That was when i decided to educate her on concentrates seeing as she was smoking about a quarter if not more of flower a day! After teaching my aunt how to make oil and finding her an amazing oil rig and tools to medicate herself with, she no longer has been taking her pharmaceutical prescriptions for pain! The concentrates has no side effects on her the way the pharmaceuticals did! The side effects she did feel were: a better appetite, weight gain, restful sleep, happiness, and the most important NO PAIN!! I’ve literally watched my aunt take a single dab, & go from being in intense pain & unable to fully grip anything to almost making a full fist WITHOUT pain. The feeling I get being able to help others and educate them on how wonderful cannabis truly can be no matter how you consume it, is an indescribable feeling, I love helping people be able to live a happier life and with less pain.

I have been smoking for about 13 years now and for the last 8yrs I’ve suffered from Insomnia and many other things. Dr's say that for me the problem lies with the high amount of stress I deal with on a daily basis along with my anxiety. Some of the side effects that I deal with daily are: Poor ability to concentrate and focus, difficulty with memory, impaired motor coordination (being uncoordinated), irritability and impaired social interaction. Prior to using cannabis these conditions were unbearable for me, and I dreaded nights, mostly because i knew sleep would not come easily.

I DISLIKE ALCOHOL!! I hate that alcohol is LEGAL and Cannabis is ILLEGAL, it is INSANE to say the least! I mean just some of the comparisons alone prove how horrible it truly is! For example: the dependence (how difficult it is for the user to quit, the relapse rate, the percentage of people who eventually become dependent), the withdrawal (presence and severity of characteristic withdrawal symptoms), the tolerance (how much of the substance is needed to satisfy increasing cravings for it, and the level of stable need that is eventually reached), and the intoxication (though not usually counted as a measure of addiction in itself, the level of intoxication is associated with addiction and increases the personal and social damage a substance may do) of alcohol is double+ the amount of cannabis!
The Dependence of alcohol compared to cannabis is doubled! The withdrawal of alcohol compared to cannabis is Sextuple/Hextuple. The tolerance of alcohol compared to cannabis is triple the amount. and the intoxication of alcohol compared to cannabis is also doubled! And to think those are just SOME of the facts. I have never known cannabis to alter someone so much that he/she ends up physically/mentally abusing their loved ones! Just think about it you ever hear of a man/woman beating their wife/husband after smoking cannabis!!??? I THINK NOT! Cannabis makes you happy, loving, creative, open minded, peaceful, and so on, but NEVER angry or violent!

I have dedicated over 6 years of my life in educating others of quality smokeware whether it be a pipe/bubbler/waterpipe/vaporizer ect... I LOVE to educate others on all the wonders of cannabis and all the wonderful ways you can enjoy it! I Run (what is in my opinion) one of the best Smoke Shops in town. I am constantly working, the shop is like my baby i LOVE it, and i love what i do :)

I'm just a regular down to earth stoner girl that loves to laugh and make others laugh! I'm random FOR SURE haha, I love cereal and anything sweet! I think everyone should smoke cannabis, I have never heard of someone not being happy and loving afterwards

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