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age: 18

location: Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida

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Unlike most, I'm content with myself in no need for others to entertain me, I just need my main bitch MariJain. Haters seem all too pleased with themselves and trash talk me and my girl; but a fight I shall give them, and education they will receive. The feeling of waking up in the morning and rolling over to pack a bowl to smoke to the dome is unlike any wake up call. The first flick of the hot pink Bic and my mouth is starting to water. I anticipate the sweet taste of sour bud in the A.M. My thumb is pressed tight to the carb, my lips gently pressed to the mouthpiece, I await the arrival of smoke onto the tip of my tongue. The sudden rush of smoke in my lungs sends a jolt down my spine, the first hit of the day. Blessed I realize I am to be alive, and happy I am to be waking with my bestfriend, my best medicine, my marijain. Green disappears and melts into a black, my mind goes into its own playground. My brain is having a fiesta, and soon my bowl is cashed. Sad I am no, for I am floating in my bed sheets, thinking of what I have to do that day but yet don't quite plan on getting it done at the moment :)

As the Suns && Moons rise & set, I am yearning for the keys to life, and my future. I am the one that makes it or breaks it, so I am faced with deep thinking and finding my true inner beauty and self. I cannot love another until I love my whole self. This journey is long, painful, and delicate. But as time goes on & I learn my lessons I will always have one by my side. MariJain.

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