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age: 20

location: Kushington, OK

country: US

occupation: Model, Marijuana Activist, Fashion Enthusiast, Baker

High friends, welcome! My name is Chelsea Haze.

Thanks to everyone who continuously supports me! Recently thanks to everyone I've gained Miss High Times February 2012, and I am so very thankful!
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Contact me: or follow me @TheChelseaHaze !!
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High friends, and fellow tokers! Welcome to the Haze's page..Thanks for checking me out ;)
I'm an intelligent young woman, who has set out in life to accomplish many things. I am creative from the inside out. I like to make things, and people look pretty. I like to paint and draw, my styles are abstract, and surrealism. I am a Medical marijuana Activist, and Promotional Smokesmodel for 3 years now. I also model outside of MMJ with styles such as Pinup, Fashion, glamour, and slowly being introduced to others. I have a dream of becoming Miss High Times and showing the world that your average "Stoner" isn't anything less then Beautiful, and Intelligent. MMJ needs to have a representative who isn't afraid of how others look or feel towards them. They should feel as if MMJ has always been in good light with them, and they carry that through with their personality, along with their actions. I believe I would be a wonderful, very honest, and very loud representative. In the down time of my life, I like to bake lots of yummy goodies. I love to plan out photoshoots, and outfits.This year will be the first year I can legally become a registered voter, and bet your ass I'll be all over those ballots with MMJ knowledge in my brain. I had rescued a pitbull mix about 7 months ago, and he is my greatest joy! His name is Murphy Haze and he has an awesome little personality. So recently I've become involved with the local Humane society to reach out to others about adoption. One day soon I'm hoping to start my own charity, that has to do with MMJ, Pet adoptions, and Cancer research. I have a good head on my shoulders, and I'm much more mature then I should be at this age. I'm ready to take on the world, and makes a few changes for the better. I have a lot to say, and I'm going to say it regardless of others' views. Don't take me as cocky, take me as confident and ready to fight. But first, we should blow down on a bowl or two ;) puff puff passing the love..

Stay tuned for more Blogs coming your way soon!

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