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age: 32

location: 4Corners CannaRado

occupation: Amendment 20 Patient/Patient Advocate/Herbalist

Greetings for a new year...lets see if we can get it right in 2013! Living in Colorado and being a patient advocate for the past 5 years I have to be a bit sketchy about the rules laid in with the passing of Amendment 64. Looks as if they have decided to hand the headache patients have had to the rest of the citizens of this great state. We must remember to be legitimate, respectful and working members of society as we take part in this new"right". Keep in mind that with the law comes no civil protections for employment, parental responsibility, disability and social security, or public show. Hopefully in the next few years we can work to eliminate the criminal aspect of the plant all together!


Livin in the clouds up in the High desert. I work mostly locally to make sure our abundance of disabled patients are able to have real access to good medicine without breaking their backs or their bank.

I am a lifetime stoner and a recent medical patient. I believe in the natural order of things and would never put chemically constructed pharmies in my body and help those who feel the same. I work with people on a totally holistic level, educating those on the wonders of cannabis to improve quality of life along with other herbs and natural means.

I believe that the legalization movement should be kept completely separate from the medical movement....it has been proven that the general population now feel that MMJ is nothing more than a ploy for legalization of a plant that should have never been locked away in the first place.....which is extremely unfortunate for those who truely can not have any kind of decent day to day without the use of cannabis and other herbs.

Educating and representing those who choose to be heard......Brightest Blessings!!

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