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  • Abominations across the Nation

    Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:54 pm

     Though I am putting this in on July4..not sure when it will post, this will be three still on hold from the beginning of June.


    Last week brought many odd and controversial headlines, from rainbow cookies all the way to the holding of contempt of the Attorney General of the United States.   Many things happened politically during the last week of June, if you were out...let us recap.

    1. Oreo cookies launched an ad campaign in mid-June showing their support to same sex relationships by releasing an advertisement with rainbow cookies in support of National Pride Day on June 25.  The uproar that ensued included talks of boycotting Kraft Foods altogether from some religious and activist groups who are aggressively opposed to allowing the acceptance of same sex relationships within society.  Still a major issue to alot of Americans, we shall see how this one plays out.


    2.  The West is on Fire!!  Eight wildfires broke out in Colorado alone, where they were already dealing with three, one of which is now the second largest fire ever in Colorado recorded history.  The High Park fire has now been burning about a month up by Fort Collins, CO and has taken out well over 85,000 acres of land.  The Little Sand fire around Pagosa Springs has been burning about 6 weeks now, and is not planned to be out until about mid-August.  The Weber fire that started in Southwest Colorado has finally been downgraded and handed back to local authorities to finish up, although it is still not completely out.  The Waldo Canyon fire has wreaked havoc through the Pike National Forest west of Colorado Springs and left many people sifting through the charred remains of what was their normal lives.  The President of the United States paid the area of the Waldo fire a visit on Wednesday, leaving the firefighting air support grounded for almost 2 hrs.  These are just a few.....if you want a current up to date on active fires, the following link seeems to be a decent one, although for some reason they do not have the Colorado High Park fire listed, and that one is still a doozie.


    3.  Attorney General Eric Holder is held in contempt.
    For those who haven't been following, there was this government operation called the Fast and the Furious....the general summary of the deal is that the ATF was having gunrunners take guns over the border, allowing them to get into the hands of many illegal gun owners, some as far up as the same cartels that bring illegal cannabis back over the border.  Back in December 2010, one of these weapons was used to shoot and kill Border patrol Agent Brian Terry, which is what sparked the investigation in the first place.  Last week, the House voted to hold Holder in contempt of Congress for not sharing vital documents related to the operation.  Honestly, though it was the right move, this accomplishes nothing.  Holder can not be thrown from his office just for being held in contempt, and he has stated that he will under no circumstances resign.  This is only the beginning, and only one place where they have gotten caught stacking the odds.


    4.  US drone kills 5 (no 4...maybe 8) in Pakistan
    Even though for months now the Pakistani government has been telling us that the presence of our drones over their airspace could be taken as an act of war, this story comes up, and no matter where you look at it, it always looks different.  The Associated Press printed on June 26 that 4 militants had been killed when missiles were launched from a drone into a home.  Everything you read from American government or media speaks of how it was a triumph, as we hit intended targets and took out only who we had meant to.  If you look in some other media sources, they speak as I feel.  We have certainly shown Pakistan that we will continue with our military strikes no matter what they have announced about it.


    5.  Supreme Court rules the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2012 (ObamaCare) constitutional.  This has started up a controversy unlike any I've seen in quite a while.  Again, states are speaking up for many citizens who do not want the program, as well as some states have spoken about succession.  For those who have been under a rock...the Act in summary, the act puts together a universal system of healthcare...one that will take 4 years to be able to implement the benefits to most in the country, but we will start paying for it as early as next year.  This act requires every American citizen to purchase and keep up health insurance, and if they are qualified for welfare services they will automatically be rolled into the system.  The way that they have been able to do this, is instead of implementing an actual fee or fine if you are not to keep up with said insurance, the IRS will initialize a 2.5% tax on your return at the end of the year.  This money will not be used to purchase your insurance, and you will still be expected to purchase and maintain such health insurance or run the risk of the tax yet again.
    Now, for many people, this is a good thing.  People who are delved into the allopathic system of medicine and have lost their asses paying into the system certainly need a break.  This system will help them greatly.  It requires insurance companies to insure individuals at a lower premium no matter what the pre-existing condition the person may have.  There is also a cap on how much the patient can be asked to come out of their pocket every year.  A good thing for those lost in the modern health care system.
    There is also another large group of people stuck inside this new law.  Those that do not use the modern healthcare system in any way, as it is.  People that utilize  alternative means of medicine, from Homeopathy, to herbs, to Reiki...all things that the insurance is not required to cover.  So, in essence, the government is requireing every American to purchase something wether or not they will ever make use of it.  To me...that simply doesn't sound American.  Here is a good and off the mainstream media line article...


    6.  And my favorite...although it was really from the week before.  Anyone who has not taken the time to watch this video really needs to take it....and enjoy it.  Disgusting as well as extremely humorous at the same time.
    Rep. Jared Polis- Colorado, was able to put DEA Michele Leonhart right where we have all seen her since the day she started her job.  After Polis informs her that his state has a legal medical cannabis program that has shown to help The TOP ISSUE the DEA is active against (pharmaceutical addiction) and asks her if the DEA would be willing to work with them in finding a middle ground..she states, "Congress is determined that marijuana is a controled substance.."


    Well alas, another week in the insane world we live in...welcome to America!!  Now loose your mind.  From the headlines it looks as if we are a split nation, half of whom prefer to have someone else make the rules so that they only have to follow them, another group who feels they have all the answers, and yet another group who simply wants to be left the hell alone to live their lives without outside meddling from those who think they know better than the individual about how to live their lives.  This is just the beginning people, and if we don't stand together for something different it certainly will not change.  Not until the majority of us are behind bars and starving because the class that used to pay for the prisions, have all become criminals themselves......

    Brightest Blessings all, and have a most wonderful Independence Day!!!

  • Decriminalization vs Legalization:A Logical Debacle

    Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:00 pm

    Definition: Provided by USLegal.com

    Decriminalization:  Decriminalization is the legislative repeal or amendment of statutes which made certain acts criminal, so that those acts no longer are illegal. Many states have decriminalized certain sexual practices between consenting adults, loitering, or laws against marriage or cohabitation between people of different races.

    There has been a recent movement for the decriminalization of the use of some narcotics (particularly marijuana) by adults. Medical marijuana use is legal in certain areas when prescribed for medical purposes. Proponents suggest that decriminalization has several beneficial consequences, including budgetary savings for state and local governments, improved welfare for marijuana users, and an improved allocation of criminal justice resources. Opponents suggest that decriminalization produces a substantial increase in marijuana use along with increased crime and other negative effects.

    Legalization: Legalization refers to authentication or certification by an appropriate public authority. It is an act to make something lawful. It may also be called legitimation. For example, legalization of casino gambling refers to making casino gambling lawful; or legalization of assisted suicide refers to making assisted suicide lawful and legitimate, and legal consequences shall not follow a legitimate act.

    An example of a Florida case law that refers to legalization of assisted suicide; Krischer v. McIver, 697 So. 2d 97, 102 (Fla. 1997), provides clarity to the above explanation. It states: “The Advocacy Center for Persons with Disability, Inc., opposes the legalization of assisted suicide, either by judicial decision negating its prohibition or by legislative enactment. If assisted suicide is permitted in Florida, Floridians will be put on the so called slippery slope of determining the relative value of life. Floridians with severe physical and mental disabilities, who are particularly vulnerable to being devalued as burdens of society, would be at grave risk.”

    Alrighty, so now that that's out of the way, I would like to share a couple of thoughts.

    Everything I listen to or everything I watch claims that with decriminalization must come civil offenses, such as fines for possession or partaking in public.  While they tought legalization as being the end all that will get get the laws out of it.

    To me, this is far from logical.  Especially condering the definitions.  I remember reading another definition in a law dictionary once shown to me that included the fact that with decriminaliztion must come regulation.....but alas, I can find it now nowhere.

    Now....as the definition above states, decriminalization consists of repealing the laws that are already put in place.  Wouldn't it be more logical to think that if you took the criminal element out of it by making it no longer against the law...that there should be no more offense set against it??? But alas, I must simply give in to the fact that logic plays absolutely no part in the political or judicial system that has been set in place. 

    Now, the above definition of legalization requires a law or ordinance be written by the courts to legitimize the plant.  I personally feel as if the plant speaks for itself, it's record certainly does, and that we do not need a court or a legislative body to write yet another law regarding the regulation and use by responsible citizens.

    Now, here's where it gets tricky.....what about the kids??  It does seem logical to, when it comes to the marketing and sale of this product that no longer has laws against it, to put into place commercial regulation...so that you won't have a 14 year old coming into a store and expecting to buy a pack of joints.  That, makes perfect sense....but only in the sense of commercialization.  When it comes to the inevitable fact that people will be growing it everywhere when it is no longer against the law, there will still be the open door to home use with children....just like with alcohol.  Most of us had our first drink in our own homes with our parents for this occasion or that New Year.  And this is where the "tricky" ends....


    If half as many parents would take the time to explain certain biological actions of the cannabis plant, instead of, like so much of parenting, leaving it to those "in charge", our newest generation would have a much better idea as to where to go with the plant.  Rated in the top 5 Auryvedic Medicinal herbs, as well as being in the Chinese pharmacoepia for thousands of years, cannabis has also proven to be one of the most effective remedies for many modern ailments as well.  

    How many people have you stopped to talk to about cannabis today?  How many of them are outside your regular scope of relations?  The way I see it, if we can sit down with only one person a week who is ignorant about the truths of cannabis, present them with the hard facts (meaning have something to back your words up), and show them that cannabis does not simply breed a society of people who don't care about anything else, nor does it make us want to pick up an ice pick and stick it into the head of our neighbor.  It does not push us to rape and ravage our fellow man, and show them that truely, this plant, along with many others,  has the power to unite, heal and keep the bonds between humanity.

    But on top of that, we also have to remember that not everyone will believe the truth, unfortunately, we are simply part of a time of existence that cares more for their own personal agenda than making it right for everyone as a whole.

    But to give into the idea that we need more rules and regulations written during the legalizing process instead of simply repealing what is already in place and working on commercial rules from there?  Are we asking to be free or are we aking to be controlled?

    Brightest Blessings y'all!! 

  • And then here comes Summer....

    Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:00 pm

      Midsummer's Eve is upon us.....so what exactly does that mean??

    Well, that's something that's answered dedpending on simply who you are.  The ancient Celts heralded this day as the eve of a yearly epic battle between the younger Holly King and the more experienced Oak King, depicting the battle of light and dark...with, of course the light outweighing the darkness on such a day.   Tomorrow is the longest daylight hours of the year.....with the might and fertility of the sun beginning their yearly wane as quickly as the day after. We look around and see that the seed we have sown in the spring is well on it's way to the wonderful bounty on the other end. This is a fire celebration of the Sun in all it's glory!!  Without the energy and heat, fertility and strength given during these days of the year.....we certainly would not be able to reap the benefits of a year grown good.

    So, what does this mean to someone who doesn't care about the energies and spiritual hoop-la associated with it??  Well, for those of you who have been blessed enough to put in an outdoor garden, this is the start of the next cycle.  You don't have to worry about things kicking into flower just yet, unless you're running some bad-ass equatorial sativas...but you will notice an extreme amount of vegetative growth over the next 4-5 weeks.  The sun will meet the 12/12 in mid-September.....so all in all you can safely say that you will be full flower by the last week in August.  

    It may be beneficial to watch the moon cycles as well through this time of exciting growth.  Tomorrow, along with the first day of summer and the Solstice, tis also the New Moon......the time when the sky is dark as the dark side of the moon is toward earth.....this is also a time when water is soaked deep into the earth, your plants won't be going through as much water either at this time, so be careful of over-watering.  Though, as Thursday comes so does the wax of the moon, and in the next 2 weeks the plants will accumulate the usage, until after the Full moon, and then shrug off again.    On that note, I've found to simply allow nature to tell you what's up to be quite the telling on summer watering.

    And another quick note, especially for those growing in humid or high altitude areas...... try to remember not to water past 2 pm......this goes as a good rule for tomatoes, peppers and gourds as well......mildews and molds love the warm temps of the nights along with any extra moisture they can get ahold of.....making sure that your plants go to bed with mostly dry soil can help dramatically.  Though dude, that doesn't mean that if it's laying over dehydrating to wait til morning....hehehe, don't kill them--if the bitches have to have it, then they have to have it!

    To all of you, I wish you the most Blessed Solstice, may the Energies of the Sun bring everyone a wicked bumper crop !!  

    Keep it HIGH, and Brightest Blessings!! 

  • Medical marijuana: CO Supreme Court asked to review Jason Beinor case about MMJ rights

    Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:19 pm


    Click above for story...hopfully will find a better way to post opinions about articles here.....

    The lines are clearly drawn....and now, even more than ever...governments have made criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens. It is happening all over...even here in our little corner of the map. Apparently though, this is how society must be....we make laws to make criminals because they hurt someones feelings, but yet when the offense is taken in the opposite direction, the complaints are ignored. 
    We DO NOT live in a free society, and the only way we ever will, is to stand up for the injustices of what legislative and judicial bodies have been making common.....to throw a sick elderly in jail, or take their disability benefits that they worked their asses off for, or to deny a young adult with a few medical problems a place to work or the ability to teach their kids the truth....this is simply disgusting.

    Thank you Kathleen Chippi and those you work with for everything you are trying to do for us ALL on the front range.....only the most Brightest Blessings to y'all!!!

  • Encounter with LEO: pre-effects of SB 117 in Colorado

    Thu May 17, 2012 6:43 pm

    I had an encounter with a Montezuma County deputy the other day....I will tell you that they are looking to see how they will enforce the DUID bill when it comes to cannabis patients.
    I was pulled over for a crack in the window of the truck I am borrowing. When he got to the window he informed me of that, and then asked me where the "pot" was. FIrst of all, pots do nothing, I smoke cannabis. My fiancee at that point informed him that he was a cannabis patient and had been smoking when he got in the car to leave the house. The deputy at this point got defensive and informed him to not get an attitude then asked Jeb if he had a card, then asked if I was a patient and when the last time I smoked was. I told him yes and that I had taken a couple hits about a half hour ago. I was then asked to step out of my car for what I assumed was a road side sobriety test. I happily got out of my car and went to the back and stood ready for the test. He went on to inform me that if he chose to he could give me road side test, if I failed it he would take me to jail, and if I understood that. I informed him that I understood that there was a DUID bill going through special session in legislature, that this bill would make 100,000 Colorado patients illegal drivers from the moment they wake up in the morning, I informed him that I know my levels are never below the 5ng mark and that I don't get "high" anymore, I medicate, tis why I only took 2 hits. He, doing his job, informed me that when I signed the application for my red card I signed that I would not get behind the wheel under the influence and that they could take my card if he gave me a ticket, to which my reply was, they can not null and void my recommendation, and from that I got a kind of blank look, but nothing more.The deputy informed me that I would not be driving away from the store and went back to run my driver's liscence....without administering the road-side test. At this point he had threatened to take Jeb to jail because he had been making comments about how if I had just popped a loritab this wouldn't be happening. The deputy informed us that he would be taking Jeb to jail for disturbing the peace in Dolores, CO...kinda funny considering everyone within earshot was just as interested in his answer as we were. At this point, my anxiety is off the charts and I am quite shaky.
    The deputy comes back from his car and asks me to stand with my legs together, hands at my side, head tilted up with my eyes closed.....for those of you who don't know, this is a road-side METH test.....when you are tweaking, your equilibrium is so far off you will not be able to keep your balance. And then he asked me to stick out my tounge (meth users tend to have a very thick white mucous covering their tounges.....but there are also many diseases that can do the same thing). He said "negative" into his little walkie-talkie, and then came back to explain to me that if I were to leave and get in a wreck then they could take my blood and I would certainly go to jail. Which I told him I already knew. He told me that I was visibly under an influence, where I informed him that the source of my inebreation came directly from my anxiety of dealing with him, and that I really needed to smoke another one before I could safely drive away, but also that I wouldn't. He gave me my papers back and spent some time justifying thisng to Jeb, saying that DUI is even for prescription drugs, even though MOntezuma County deputies have been known to let many go after finding that the script is written for the person in question. We actually talked to one woman who showed the deputy 6 different pill bottles, once he verified the name, he allowed her to continue to drive even though she had been pulled over for swerving, something that can lead to accidents, apparently a crack through the windshield causes just as many. I drove away a half hour later after an espresso and aboutg 4 people thanking me for smoking a joint instead of popping a percoset before I got behind the wheel. No ticket was given and no arrests made.
    As you deal with our public servants through all this, remember to be respectful, but DO NOT simply let them have their way as well. It has been shown on many occasions that if you are educated and informed, and can keep your head on straight, there is nothing that can be said.
    I have also spoken directly with William Furse, Republican candidate for DA in our area about the new DUID bill and how he plans to deal with medical cannabis patients in our district......he has stated that as long as we are within state law, there will be no prosecution. But, that does not mean skirt the laws. Furse understands that the chemistry of the plant on the body will leave true patients well over the limit on any given day, and as long as there has not been danger to others, he will not prosecute. Now, unfortunately, the DA is the second on the list of people when it comes to this, and the sheriff's office and police department are the ones who make the call for the arrest. Furse stated that if the departments want to waste money and fill up the jail with patients unfortuantely tis up to them, but Furse would make it very clear that under Colorado law, those within their rights will not be charged.
    Until next time.....

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