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age: 21

location: Michigan-America's HIGH five!

country: US

occupation: Marijuana Actavist/Student MissHighTimes 2012

☆ ✮ ✮ ☆

I want to thank everyone for supporting me & allowing my dreams of becoming Miss High Times 2012 a reality. Love all you beautiful stoner women& ganja warriors out there! SUPPORT THE PLANT!!!!!!!!

(Just put alot of new blogs up! Let me know what you think!)

If you are on twitter @MisMichigan

Im Emily Aryn born&raised in East Lansing MICHIGAN, GO SPARTANS!! Im a photographer& iv decided to devote my time and energy into laws and regulations that need to be changed in this prohibition time we are in.

I'm Polish Norwegian so I'm tall, blonde, and very clumsy. I got 4 stitches from a bong to prove it haha.(A total of 9 stitches this year. GO POLAKS!)

I have been toking since i was 16. That first time was it for me, i fell head over heals in love with my girl Mary Jane. My first thought was why is this illegal? No, haha thats a lie. My first though was damn this is the shit! why have i never done this before and how can i do this everyday? Ha but then I could not figure out why such a generous plant, that can act as a healing herb still has a bounty on its head?
As I got a little wiser in my years I have answered my question. There is NO REASON! That is why there needs to be awareness and
education about the benefits and myths of the
cannabis plant.♥

The best decision i made was joining the MHT community. Yes i say COMMUNITY because we all vote for each other :) I love all gorgeous& talented ladies in our stoner community! LOVE YOU LADIES. (haha it says stoner is not a word.)


Michigan voted to legalize Medical Marijuana as the thirteenth state in the Union to do so. At the time i was just ont he verge of 18 and could not vote YES on PROB 1.

I am currently a full time art history student at community college and my passion is photography. Of course, my favorite subject to shoot is my weed. My altimate goal is to be a photographer for High Times and to have the chance to photograph even more of the greatest herb on earth. I also want to either become a currator at at museum or own a glass headshop/ gallery.

I have been getting very involved in the marijuana movement as Michigan tries to get full legalization onthe ballot in 2012 for people 21 and older. I will keep everyone posted with pics and blogs as we continue to have small rallies and convention for people to sign petions.
☮ ☮ ☮
I also like to photograph flowers, my beautiful home state of Michigan. And just life in general. It might be my friends or people on the street. I'm known to ask strangers if i can take there picture, or sometimes i just do it without realizing ha. my boyfriend hates that.

My major is Art History with a specialization in Paleolithic Art. I love to learn about very ancient cultures through their art and spiritual beilfs. What i want to do with this major?? Oh be a curator of course!! Ha i havent really thought it through, ill try to figure it out later. Right now I'm just having a time of my life studding what I am.
☼ ✿ ❀ ❀ ❀ ✿ ☼

To Be Miss High Times to me means that i would have an oppurtunity to show more people how great this plant is, and to turn skeptics (like my family) into belivers on the legalization of marijuana. People are scared of what they dont know. The more education and spread of awareness is what we need to succeed in the legalization of weed.
Just get OUT THERE & DO SOMETHING!! any little bit of help even just sending n email to your local rep, or making a simple donation to a Legalization Organization can all add up and make a HUGE! difference!

I love classic rock. Zep, The Doors, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Janice, the stones, Black Sabbath. Those are my gods. ☂

"There are no laws, there are no rules, just grab your friend, and love him"
-Jim Morrison

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