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age: 22

location: from south dakota now living in carlsbad ca!!!

country: US

occupation: stoner bitch

I am moving to southern California in less then a week. So excited I can actually live my life without fear of arrest!!!!
Thank you everyone for all of your support I really appreciate it!!
Hi! I am Jami I live in the midwest. I am a lover not a fighter. I live to have fun. When I get old i just wanna be able to say I had the best time i could through everything that was thrown my way. I love spending all my days chillin with my bong, my man, and my cat. I also fill my days with fat bowls, swimming, riding the four wheeler, chillin with great people, and having lots of laughs...there is always a good session going on when i am around.

I would love to be Miss High Times because I love smoking big buds and sharing the love with everyone I meet.

Thanks for checking me out please vote for me if you like what you see. I Love talking and getting to know all of you fellow ganja lovers! Also Thank you everyone for your love and support I really apperciate it! You are all so beautiful!

Peace, Love, and Big buds!

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