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  • ~High! A little more about me!~

    Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:01 am

    High all of you beautiful ganja lovers!!

    Hi! My name is Jami and I live in Aberdeen SD!  Where maryijuana is Zero tolerance and the guy the started this law killed a man on a motercycle while DRINKING!! What bullshit I know!  Any ways I just wanted to let you know a little more about me and my love for the beautiful MaryJane!  The first time I ever smoked this amazing plant I was 15 years young and with my mom, my ex boyfriend , and a very good friend(Sadly, this friend died in a drinking and driving accident! He is still very missed!) Anyways, my mom rolled a joint and I was madly in love since!

    Unfortunatly, I have been arrested for the sweetleaf twice! The first time I was 16 and with my now boyfriend(Devin) and two other friends when we were pulled over and searched! Believe it or not I was arrested becuase I was high and they could tell!  I was then put on probation for 9 months. The second time my moms house was raided I was 18 at the time. When I came home from school I was slammed against a wall and detained not knowing what was happening! My boyfriend was also there! My mom went to prison for 2 years and I sat 5 days in county.

    Now for more up to date stuff!  I am lovin mary more then ever! Devin and I went to california for 2 months and had the greatest experince of my life! I met some wonderful people who taught me alot more about this beautiful plant! My adventures there were amazing, now i want to move there but for now I have to stay here in SD.  

    I am so glad I have gotten to know some of you sweet ladies and I cant wait to get to know more of you!  It is so exciting to make new friends who have the same love for the sweetleaf that I do!! Everyone I have talked to so far is so sweet and beautiful! I just wish you all the best in everything! I am just honored to be around such amazing beautiful people! Thank you all for you support and love I really apperciate it!

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