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age: 26

location: Maui, Hawaii

occupation: Student

~****Updated August 17, 20011 Aloha!!! Thanks for stopping by n checking me out! Agriculture student going to school fulltime...Love my plants, n of course my Mary Jane! I keep my votes and opinions heard whenever state laws are being voted and discussed! People need this flower to feel better!! Yes on every level I want marijuana legalized, but for now, give it to those in other ppl will still find our weed regardless :)
I repmwhen I say I am really Miss High Times..why? I am real, I am me, and I stay on my game..always smokin...its apart of who I am and what I do. I would love to represent a culture of our generation's finest women of the Ganja!!!
Be sure to check out my blog n comment!!!! XOXO!!

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