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age: 33

location: Colorado Springs, CO

country: US

occupation: Civil Rights Advocate / Singer / Songwriter / Poet / Rap Artist / Producer / Web Designer

Founder/President - josh cannabis sativa productions
Founder/Director - Iowa Cannabis Coalition

I strongly advocate for the FULL RE-LEGALIZATION of Cannabis Sativa L., a plant of which has far too long been forbidden by the United States government, as well as throughout most of the world, and I also strongly advocate for the world over to learn everything they can about it because of all it can do for us. Furthermore, when I say re-legalization, I mean repeal of all prohibition laws, regulations, and/or restrictions worldwide, because they are not needed since cannabis has never caused death to anyone using it through any of its forms, and re-introducing it into the economy (as it was prior to 1937) would generate billions of dollars in tax revenue through standard sales and income taxes already in place within our system.

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Former Director - United States Dads For Marijuana
Founder/Former Director - Iowa Dads For Marijuana
Founder/Former Director - Sioux City Dads For Marijuana
Founder/Former Director - Colorado Springs Dads For Marijuana
Former Director - Spokane Dads For Marijuana
Former Director - Wisconsin Dads For Marijuana
Former Co-Director - California Dads For Marijuana

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