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age: 22

location: Manitoba

country: Ca

occupation: International Dopestar :p

High! R U? My name is Dinelle. Everyone says I'm as unique as my name. I'm a Cree Canadian born & raised in Manitoba, from the small community of Fisher River Cree Nation where my people occupied the land before my time & before theirs. My spirit was given the name Fast Wind because I'm wild & free. I have a restless soul & love to travel. Meeting new people in new places so I can learn or teach or connect with new people about Cannabis is a huge passion of mine. I currently enrolled into college in September, so far classes have been great. Being in school puts my travels to a limit this year but once I'm done you'll see me everywhere! I'm aiming to have a career in law/politics & something to express my creative abilities as something on the side. I love to create, Cannabis helps with that. I find that it is great for motivation (reward yourself for positive tasks.) It also helps me eat, sleep, relax & feel better. Especially durring moon time, I'm sure any gal will agree. It also helps me open up spiritually too. I think it's an important spiritual tool for me as I use it to connect with myself, nature & the Creator. It makes me feel more comfortable in exporing these areas that are still unknown to me. Not only does it help me connect spiritually but socially as well. Cannabis introduces me to all sorts of people & gives me to ability to be open minded enough to actually get to know them. Not only does it connect me with new people but the ones I already love & care about. Theres nothing better than getting together with family & friends to have a monster smoke session! Is there anything it doesn't help with? Lol. Needless to say I love, live & breathe Cannabis. Join me on this quest to gain as much knowledge about this magical plant so we can finally set it free the way it was meant to be!

The new comment system still confuses me so I don't use it. I'd really love to get to know you all better so please find me on one of the following.. Facebook or Youtube. Twitter soon?

Congratulations to my Michigander friend, Emily Aryn on making Miss High Times 2012 and my wonderful Corrin on Miss July 2012 and first runner up! Clazina you did a wonderful job representing 2011! Congrats to my girls Lia on Miss September and Kelly on Miss October!! This year is already off to a great start! :D

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