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  • This is going to be in awesome summer ;)

    Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:54 pm

     Recently became a gogo dancer for RichardTheRockStar & been touring w his crew for the past month in half. Must say is a very fun gig , we recently had a shows in Sacramento @ Ace of Spades & The Colonial , we'll be having a few more shows but after that are heading to So*cal which i'm super excited cause is home sweet home

  • The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco 2012 Was kick ass !!!!

    Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:53 pm

     This past weekend i had the honor to work The Cannabis Cup & meet some of the High Times Family,
       It was soo much fun & if you didn't make it , sorry but you missed out :(
    but no worries cause their might be a cup in Seattle and if you didn't make it to last one make sure to come out cause is going to be a hella of a time ,,,

     Best Way To Kick Off My Summer yeeeeee.......................

  • New opportunities

    Fri May 11, 2012 6:00 pm

  • My updated Bio

    Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:22 pm

    Hello my name is Mary Ramirez but all my homies call me maryjane I'm your typical California girl, except i love growing herb, trimming, making edibles, making hash but the Best is finger hash yum! ;) Born in Santa Barbara & raised in Isla Vista a beautiful beach town in So*Cal. Raised  in Paradise help me appreciate the beauty in nature & enjoyed all the wonders in everyday life. My favorite thing to do is ride my beach cruiser or long-board to the beach & smoking up fatty's on the shore, while listening to the waves crash , best high ever!!!
     Been Smoking herb for more then 10yrs but growing for 5yrs & enjoy every min of it.

     I've worked in the health industry for almost 5yrs assisting children & adults with autism with their daily living skills & everyday challenges. The one thing that always bottled my mind was the fact that all my children residents took twice as many meds as the adult but i guess they had no choice unlike the other clients. As for the adults they knew their rights & rather smoke weed for their anxiety, insomnia , appetite & much more!!! Another reason i'm a big marijuana supporter is for the very fact that it really helped my grandpa w his pain & heart condition. He was all about it & the only times i ever saw him he was baked with a big smile on his face RIP abuelito lov ya!!!

      First got started thanks to a friend from mendocino , Who hooked me up with a job in Santa Barbara and thought me everything that there's to knw to Indoor growing.  We started off with Aero ponics with a water chilled reservoir, full line advance nutrients conesur line, 1000w digital ballast, 8" air cooled hydrofram hoods. We started off with  SnowCap which was a great strain to start. So much you need to knw about nutrients measurements & not to mention flushing the system cause if not done weekly u might get these horrible Nats (flies) which are a pain but not as much as spider mites.
     * After growing indoor for 2.5yrs my friend hooked me up with a job in Mendocino county
     Moved up north and lived in Ukiah & Willits for about a year & worked my ass off in the woods Growing OUTDOOR  all LEGAL & W/ Scrips
    Learned allot about maintain the land, taking care of the crops from other people and most important the loop wholes in the justice system.
     I had the pleasure  to work w one of the guys from GREENRUSH such a cool guy & his dog was awesome w my pup...
     Got to give all the farmers out there big props cuz is a scary business & so much is at risk.
     After that summer i became a bit paranoid by choppers cause is hella scary when they fly right over you never knw what to except ... Most important

     Do to the California state law, I switched to from aero ponics to soil which is very has worked out amazing! Less plants & bigger pots that gives the same yield & better quality ">.<"


      Most recently shot a Music video
    Artist: RichardtheRock*Star ft Ricky Right & Tas Prestige
    Song : Don't touch my Whip
     * Awesome guy's to work with & we blaze through put the whole video shoot. Amazing talent no doubt & Swagger like no other , check em out & you'll see what i'm talking about ;)
      This pass summer i was lucky enough to work the 2011Hemp festival in Sac & had the honor to meet Bone~thugs & WarrenG ;) it was such a great experience so thankful...
    *You can catch me this year @ The 2012 Hemp fest*
    can't wait ;*
    Recently teamed up with in amazing network that's great to finding dispensary's, check it out @ Check this network out for all your medical needs
    All March signups are entered into win a new ROOR!

     In the process of trying out to be Rrsl One's Stoner girl, dope artist with great music to smoke to, had the honor to watch him preform during 2011 Hemp Fest & he'll be there againg this year yay!!!! Check out more of his work @
    *Stoner Girls is more than a brand its a Movement!*

  • High !!!

    Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:11 pm

     So far been having a great week ;)
    Hooked up with a great group of people who are going to make me in outfit dedicated to 420 hpopefully i get it done asap! 
    Also hooked up with in awesome crew who i will be joingning @ HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Sn Francisco this June yay!!!

    2 photo shoots & shooting a moving with party animal Elmo hehe....

    Hope everyone is doing great !!!! Peace & love 
    Stay Sky High 

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