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  • Never Give Up

    Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:31 pm


    This post is dedicated to the hard working people that make it their life mission to help others that are sick, to have a better quality of life. I recently was given some words you dont want to get from a doctor .....beside myself I reached out and shared my situation with a friend . In no time at all the medical marijuana care givers and friends of mine that know me ...and some that just make California a giving state to live in .....reached out and in 2 days had me feeling better than I have in almost a year . Good people are all in the movement all the medical states you can always find a caring selfless person who's only goal is to help others that NEED help . I would like to thank each and every wellness center and the hard working selfless caer givers the most ....The Mojo Man

  • Putting up new photos

    Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:38 pm


    I have said in my previous post I would be posting new pictures soon ! Well I have been waiting ....and losing 10 points a voter....for about 4 days to get one I wont be in a hurry to get any up can see them all on my FB page if we are friends ...PEACE PLANET EARTH ....The Mojo Man !

  • New Pictures and videos coming soon !

    Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:25 pm


    I have loads of great pictures of The High Times staff and myself at Cannabis Cup 22 , and several of Bobby , the Miss High Times , Steve, Danny, and Dan well as all the TOP breeders and Seed Company owners , and good friends of mine from Cannabis Cup 23 last Nov. in Amsterdam ! I have some videos of my gardening , smoking, and just acting like a ROCK STAR with my guitars.....I LOVE MY HIGH TIMES "BUDS" ...and have the BEST time of my life at their events ! ROCK ON H.T. ....The Mojo Man ! , Anthony

  • A little HELP from my FRIENDS !

    Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:55 pm


    HIGH everyone .....The Mojo Man would like to thank ALL of the wonderful friends I have to get my Vote Count up to 1184 in 3 days ! I switched 2 photos so I could show off my growing skills , but neither has been approved I have reached the 3rd place with ONLY 30 ponts at a shot ! I want to THANK all of you that are voting ...and encourage you to keep doing so :)  As long as you are Voting , why not show the ladies that have left LOVE on my comments page a little love of their own and VOTE for them , too ! I am a SHANON HART FAN myself , but adore all the sweet beautiful girls I met in Amsterdam at The Cannabis Cup ....and the ones I will meet this year as well ! I LOVE HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE & ALL OF MY FRIENDS THERE....Bobby, Natasha, Danny, Steve, and Dan ....splendid HOSTS & ALL AROUND GREAT PEOPLE !  VOTE FOR THE  SHANON HART/A. van den Berg ticket ....thanks & smoke em if ya got em ....and I ALWAYS DO :D~

  • The art of networking

    Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:12 pm

     I am writing a short bio of how I got to this point . I am an avid Cannabis Cup goer and have gotten to know alot of the High Times Crew , and most of the coffeeshop and seed bank owners in Amsterdam as well . I spent several months just hanging out at my favorite shops and got to know alot of great budtenders James at Barneys , and Franco at The Greenhouse . With their help and seeds I have become a very exceptional grower . Danny Danko and Jorge (& Nico) have helped so much , too . I was also fortunate enough to meet Lisa Nave , a Co Owner of 420 Exchange , and now her and I own and run it together . I am where I am greatly because of good friends and good luck . JAH Bless you all ...PEACE, LOVE, & FAT JUICY NUGS.....The Mojo Man !

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