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age: 27

location: The great NW

country: US

occupation: Owner at Smokey Js OMMP Delivery/Services

.2010.....Now Just a few things.... I love dank,money, my lady ashy stashy and my baby girl lily... Not always in that order but u get the picture........ As long as I have all three of those things around is going to be a beautifal day...... I'm always Lookin to learn new things from new people .... I'm one of those that can never make up my mind today !!!............ But always focused on what I'm doin tomorrow.... I have my OregonMM Card because I had reconstructive survey on my knee from a friendly football game on thanksgiving, about 4 years ago.... Yeah it was definitely one to remember!

When I was first in the process of getting my card.. I decided to finally invest alittle Time and money to get my indoor setup goin.... Check out my first grow pics on my blog under [summer project] Lol it was a fun experience.... I'm always lookin on diffrent ways to do things.... That was my first time trying to grow from start to finish.

Let smoke one now! Damn that's the most thought i've put into somethin in along time!.. (cough!)(cough!).... Ahhh there it went!? Lol! stay lifted everyone peace!

Thank you to all the peeps that come thru and show some love and drop some dimes..... Everyone stay lifted and gifted all day!!!! 420 good munchies :-D

I've recently opened my own OMMP DELIVERY/SERVICES... More details coming soon...

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