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age: 27

location: Los Angeles, CA

country: US

occupation: Activist

Hey Guys and Gals! I'm super happy you landed here! First of all, Thank you! Without the people's votes this is all a waste!

Second, Anyone who knows me knows how much I support the legalization of weed. I am around herb 24/7. I find it odd when people DO NOT smoke because it really is the miracle plant!


I support the legalization of marijuana because I think that it has many misconceptions and if people were aware of all the benefits this world could be such a better place!

"I'm an educated fool with money on my mind"-- Coolio

I love to read books and to research and and every subject, especially ones that I love and/or am not familiar with. I care about a lot of things and I like to keep up with current events. I enjoy watching Bill Maher use his humor to relay information that is otherwise a bore.

Me llamo Bridgette:
I am a born and raised So Cal girl but my heart belongs to Nor Cal! I love to have fun in the sun and a good time! I LOVE TO CAMP and FISH and HIKE! I have been smoking for years, I believe marijuana keeps you young and sane in this crazy world!

I like almost all music depending on what feels good in my soul! what I am all about! I help homeless people whenever I can. I often toss them a few nugs if I have some in my car! I hope to one day open up a Non-Profit and cook for the homeless everywhere! I study Culinary Arts at the Art Institute.

-- I am into Super Nintendo-my fave games are Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. I love to laugh, be goofy and dorky! I'm pretty clumsy, I think I'm cursed with the clumsy bug! Hahaha

-- I am Italian, Russian and Irish.

-- I have an insatiable need to smile or else I don't feel right.

Why I want to be Miss High Times:
I am totally all for holistic ways of healing as opposed to doctors and I think that herb is a healer for sure. In every way possible whatever that ailment, weed can cure you!

Epilepsy runs in my family and my twin brother and I have seizures. I had 2 last year; he has them daily. Marijuana helps to calm the brain so that it is less frequent. Doctors do not know the reason for the onset of seizures and they are pretty scary. So you better believe that I will do whatever to not experience that.

I have been self-medicating myself since I was 13 years old and diagnosed with A.D.D. I hate taking what the doctors give you because it totally changes my personality and makes me feel like a robot on autopilot; just going through the motions.

Also in 2004, I was in a very serious car accident. I T-boned with a moving truck (their fault) and the dashboard completely crushed my legs. Thankfully we were in a BMW! When the paramedics arrived they were surprised that they did not have to use the Jaws of Life on us. It was that crushed. I got out of the car and thought I had broken my legs but shockingly nothing was broken. I was later left with a giant bruise from my knee cap to the bottom of my foot(I know weird!).
I refused medical attention and just wanted to go home and smoke. I knew that I had something that they didn't in their fancy hospitals. Weed! So I went immediately home and smoked. I iced my leg that night and went to the doctor's in the morning. I ended up with a fat settlement so I was happy! ;) I bought so much weed! ^___^

I wanna be Miss High times so that I can stand up to many more nay-Sayers about my beliefs and tell them what's up while traveling around and changing their minds about weed.

In 1937, there were NO issues about marijuana AND it was legal everywhere. Currently in 2012, there are 29 other countries that grow marijuana. It makes sense for FARMERS, the ENVIRONMENT and OUR deteriorating ECONOMY.

I'm here to educate others about the positive side of marijuana because for too long the general population has been lied to by the government. The government KNOWS that hemp can create over 25K natural products that is why they want it banned, because of all the other businesses who would fail because hemp can replace them.I'm STILL to this day working on converting my dad, he's almost 60! Already convinced my mom, only took like 10 years and a lot of arguing! Ah! Lol If chosen to be the next Miss High Times I will make you guys PROUD. I will get people to understand that cannabis is very beneficial for not ONLY healing physically, but also mentally for self-reflection. I don't think many people are aware that through the course of time herb helps us become better as a human race, with more compassion and love for living things! Stoners are not mean people. I have experienced it myself and why should I keep that a secret!? Follow me on:

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