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  • Hemp ~ The miracle plant~

    Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:11 pm

    I find it kinda funny that the government says that weed has all these things that make it bad for you, but when researchers do their work they can never find anything bad about marijuana!

    Scientists all over the world are in favor of this because they know from their research that facts don't lie. 

    Marijuana really is the miracle plant. It's up to us to convey this message to the entire world. Our parents and the government have tried to make us feel shame for liking this plant or associating with people who use it too, but NO MORE! Users know better than anyone else that it is not what those people say it is.


    Think about it...the government and a lot of businesses make a HUGE profit off of products that we purchase.  If consumers started to grow their own things then the need for those businesses would decrease and eventually flatten.  In reality we do not need the government or any other company. Hemp has so many versatile uses which is why it has been deemed the "miracle plant".


    Six basic materials are derived from the hemp plant: long bast fiber, medium fiber, short core fiber, seeds, oil, and seed meal.


    Here is a list off just some of the things that you can use hemp for and repurpose:

    Animal feed
    Body care products
    Building products
    Fewer wars
    Natural herbacide
    No oil spills
    Prevent erosion
    Shower curtains

    So, there you have it people, who you already are well aware of the great potential of this miracle plant! Remember: God loves stoners! ♥



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