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age: 21

location: Southeast

country: US

pink indica
♉⊕♁*.:。❀*゚‣About Me
↬ I am a sensuous person who likes to indulge in healthful but always pleasurable activities. I like comfortable surroundings and appreciate the good life.

↬ An idealist, I prefer the grand, the beautiful, the good and the noble. Very curious by nature, I enjoy traveling and learning about other people and their cultures. I have an incessant desire to learn as much as possible about metaphysics, religion, philosophy, and any other broad, deep subject.

↬ No matter how bleak the past or present, I always expect a better, brighter future. I have appreciation for creativity and culture of any realm. I have the capacity to savor each moment to the fullest extent, and instinctively seek out the beauty in my surroundings. I am extremely versatile & my multiple interests are forever expanding.

.:。❀*゚‣Why I am on this website:

↬I guess you could say that I'm living the High Life! My favorite strains are purple kush, pink indica, and blueberry. I also love hash and edibles. I use marijuana for medical purposes such as chronic nausea, back pain, gastrointestinal pain, anxiety, GERD, and epilepsy prevention. Marijuana
offers physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits.

↬I am not just "Miss High Times February" I am also a advocate, promoter, and activist. I am a supporter of NORML and The Women's Marijuana Movement. I learn everything I know by reading High Times magazine and books written by Jorge Cervantes and Danny Danko. I love being active in 420 friendly groups, websites, and social networks. As well as marches, rallies, marijuana cups and expos.. anything that I can do to help and meet other people like me.

↬I only support cannabis... NOT CIGS, ALCOHOL, PHARMACEUTICAL PILLS, OR OTHER DRUGS. It is my dream to one day attend and graduate from a cannabis college and have my own dispensary or shop. To me Miss High Times isn't a competition, it's a strong SISTERHOOD and I consider these people FAMILY!



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