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age: 28

location: Newport Beach, California

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occupation: Marketing for Marijuana Companies

Hi Everyone, my name is John Nicolazzo and I'm one of the Co-Owners of Potlocator.com and a slew of other sites related to Marijuana. I've worked for MCN (Medical Cannabis Network) for the last 2 years and helped deploy several sights such as StrainBrain.com - 420Peition.com - MarijuanaDoctors.com - Cheeba.com just to name a few.

I first started in this industry over 5 years ago after the passing of my sister to help get a better understanding on how Medical Cannabis is being used to help treat Cancer patients. I strongly believe in this industry and love to promote the medical side of cannabis and live for helping others.

If you feel the same way or can in anyway shape or form relate to me then please cast a vote. I don;t want to be the face of this industry by any means but would love the opportunity to help further our brand names in hope to help other sick patients find peace by choosing medical cannabis as there all natural organic supplement for relief.

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