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age: 27

location: Knoxville, TN

country: US

occupation: Student

"I'm so mutha f@#%ing high I could eat a star!" - Right now...Seriously! I stay sky high and have a wicked glass collection, but I can pearl a blunt too! I think I should be Miss High Times because even as good as Mary Jane looks by herself, when she's with me, she looks even better! Of course I want her legalized! I'm that smokin' girl next door who doesn't like to blaze all by herself ;) So lets all get high together!

Lets see...I've been high for about 10 years now!!! Mary Jane was introduced to me in high school right before I got my drivers license, and I've been smokin' n' ridin' ever since!!! I smoke AT LEAST once everyday, and on a good day...I just smoke all day long! My favorite piece is my crazy steamroller =) but I like to keep my rollin' skillz real sharp, so I smoke a lot of swishers too! I'm behind the legalization of marijuana 100% because it is an amazing plant that not only heals, but could potentially stimulate our struggling economy!!! As a matter of fact, I can't think of a single good reason not to leagalize her!!

Vote 4 me 4 Miss High Times becasue I'm an intelligent connoisseur of the sticky icky!!! And I promise not to let down Miss Mary Jane or any of my fellow smokers ;)

I'm skyhigh on too!!

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