Jennifer Sparks Miss Feb. 2013

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age: 22

location: Iowa

country: US

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Congrats Washington and Colorado! Lets keep moving forward!
*Proud Supporter and Member of NORML*
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High! My name Is Jen, but people call me Sparky :)
I am a botanist, and can not wait until cannabis is legalized so I can pass my love into its life. I love to Live and Love life, Have fun and meet new people! I Hula Hoop and do Yoga everyday. I go to Summer Camp Music Festival every year and try to create unique outfits and games to express myself and the music.
I am currently in a non legal state and I am trying to do whatever I can to help legalize it again. I don't spread the word for the legalization of marijuana just for the Female flowers for a medicine, I spread the word also because of Industrial Hemp. Hemp only contains between 0.05 and 1% of THC content and if someone were to try to ingest enough industrial hemp to get high, it would like taking 2-3 doses of a high-fiber laxative and a VERY weak to no high. So why does the government ban such a great natural Industrial Product?
Please help take action to legalize hemp by going to:
and for more information on Hemp please visit:

Please Visit to help change what you feel is right =)

you can also visit me at: - Profile: Sxyjnny420
Follow me:!/Sxyjnny420
Just make sure you let me know this is how you met me. Thanks :)
Thank you for your time and have a Lush day.

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