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age: 19

location: Olive Hill Ky

country: US

occupation: babysitter/pothead

I'm just a stoner chick from the hills of Kentucky. I think I should be Miss. High Times because Marijuana has been a big part of my life before I even stared smoking and I know it always will be. It helps clear my mind so its easier for me to express myself and nothing cures a bad day like a big 'ol toke off a blunt! If someone is in need of pot I'm the girl they call because I always know where to find it!

I'm a Cancer!
I'm a pretty laid back gal i like to spend my days getting blazed and hangin with my buddies.
I take each day as it comes and try not to sweat the small stuff. I'm happy with doing pretty much anything as long as I'm high of course!
I also enjoy riding horses, partying all night, going for walks in the woods and taking care of my plants(wink wink)... oh yea and I love listening to music and singing all day!! I think weed has a big influence on what kind of music makes me feel good!

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